Garden Design
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Project Cost Estimation

The project cost can generally only be determined after the corresponding offers of the specialist contractors have been received although a rough estimate can be made before.

The exact cost would be determined through a call for tenders in order to receive offers from various gardening and landscaping companies. In collaboration with the principal builder owner and the planer the best contractors are determined in order to bring the project to fruition.


From the contract award to the presentation of the first master plan the plannerís fees are determined at at an hourly rate (for overseas clients a daily rate). Before the start of the actual construction work phase, the builder-owner will receive a binding all-inclusive offer for the respective project. This offer will of course depend on the amount of work and the degree of difficulty regarding the project. For overseas clients a corresponding offer will be presented including a daily rate + travel expenses!

As the project continues beyond the first master plan, all work that needs to be done to the fulfillment of the project are calculated as a percentage of the total sum of the project (net). See fee scale of the Society of Garden Designers But here too, the builder-owner is presented an according offer for the entire project before the actual begin of the construction phase.

The price includes the supervision of the entire construction phase. Additional supervision will however be presented separately and be invoiced according to a progress report.

Additional costs such as photo copies, travel expenses, fixed fees per kilometer, etc. will be invoiced according to a progress report.

In order to cover both parties an employment contract between the builder-owner and the planner is to be signed after the order confirmation. This contract will again contain a detailed list of all services needed to bring the garden project to its end.